diagramWaste Bin Tag WB01

  1. Puts a “number plate” on the bin
  2. Truck reads the unique number
  3. Every bin service recorded and linked
  4. to ratepayer automatically
  5. Can be retrofitted to older bins


• Installed into 6mm hole, 35mm deep
• Self-fixing without use of screws or adhesives
• Ø6.8mm Grip collar 4mm from closed end
• ABS plastic housing with polyurethane filling
• Chip type EM4200 (Swatch group, Switzerland)
• Ferrite core antenna coil tuned 125 kiloHertz
• Read range 60mm (Ferrite Ø2.5 x 20mm)
• Produced in ISO 9001 facility, RoHS comp
• Frequency: 125 kHz (at 20ºC)
• Diameter : Fits 6mm drilled hole in HDPE bin
• Length: 35mm
• Material: ABS housing, polyurethane filling
• Colour: Charcoal
• Mass: 1.6 – 1.9 g
• Protection Class: IP67
• Operating Temperature: -25ºC to +70ºC
• Shock Resistance: 200g, half-sine,3ms
• Vibration Resistance: 10g, 10Hz to 500Hz

Tagpro installation pictures

The WB01 tag has been designed primarily for retro-fitting RFID to older wheelie bins produced in South Africa for the last 30 years.

The Low Frequency 125kHz EM4200 has been adopted from international experience in the waste industry to provide compatibility with the widest range of readers and dataloggers from numerous sources.

The tags are installed at the top edge of the bin where they are easily read with common handheld scanners and where the truck’s lifting mechanism grips the bin. (the truck-mounted reader is embedded in the gripper)

These tags are easily retrofitted to old bins on the street, whether they are full of waste or not. Drill 6mm hole, push in tag, 5 seconds

Optional RFID reader systems are available for the LiftLogger data reporting systems typically used in South Africa.


AssyMet antenna

AssyMetThis antenna has been specifically developed for the European market. More information

(it is not compatible to the WB01 tag above)